Study Abroad Resources

The Husker Hub offers workshops for students who are intending to study abroad and utilize financial aid. The workshop will cover topics that include scholarships and financial aid, billing, registration, and disbursement dates as well as offer a 1:1 financial planning session with a Student Services Specialist. Students should sign up for these workshops when they have committed to a program and received their official budget or cost of attendance from the Education Abroad Office.

Due to guidance related to COVID-19, Summer 2020 Study Abroad Programs have been cancelled. All Study Abroad workshops are postponed until Fall 2020.

Below is an estimated timeframe for the workshop to assist with planning:

  1. Presentation begins at 2:00 PM to go over scholarships and financial aid, disbursement, billing, and registration. The presentation is approximately 20-25 minutes.
  2. Break 2:20-2:30 PM.
  3. Individual financial planning sessions will begin at 2:30 PM. These individual sessions will last 10 minutes per student. If a student has more questions beyond their scheduled 10 minutes, the Student Services Specialist will schedule a follow up appointment with the student at that time.
  4. Workshop and final individual planning session ends at 4:00 PM.

Each student who has signed up for the workshop will be scheduled to meet with a Student Services Specialist to discuss financial planning or any other questions they may have. Students must be present at their timeslot or will be placed at the end of the Specialist’s list to meet if they miss their time.

Students can leave once they have met with a Specialist. They may also leave before their time slot begins but are expected to be back at their scheduled time.

The sign up for individual sessions is based on order of sign up. Students who sign up first are met with first. The sign up will follow exactly as scheduled, no exceptions. If the student is not able to meet their individual session, they may work with the Husker Hub to schedule an individual follow up appointment.

Students should bring any scholarship applications, Commitment Deposit Payment Deferment Plan, or Airfare Assistance Program forms to their individual session.