Enrollment Verification

An enrollment verification is an official document that provides the enrollment status, number of credits enrolled and any degrees earned within a specific period of attendance. This document does not include individual course or grade information and cannot be used in the place of an official academic transcript. An enrollment verification is typically requested for verification of student status for purposes such as scholarship applications, loan deferment, insurance applications, or other processes where student enrollment status is a factor.

How to request an Enrollment Verification:

  1. Login to MyRED at MyRED.nebraska.edu.
  2. Select the Academics dropdown menu.
  3. Select Order Official Verification.
  4. Verify your student information is correct.
  5. Select the Verification Type.
    • Enrollment Verification will verify credits enrolled in current and previous semesters.
    • Degree Verification will verify all degrees you have received at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
    • Both – this will allow for both enrollment and degree verification to be included.
  6. If selecting the Enrollment or Both options, select the Enrollment Term.
    • History will show all prior enrollment at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
    • Single Term will allow for you to specify one term to verify enrollment status.
    • Calendar Year will allow you to choose the calendar year you would like to have verified. Note: The calendar year is not the same as an academic year. Calendar year is January 1 to December 31, while Academic year is considered July 1 to June 30.
  7. Select any additional information you would like included, such as Date of Birth, Degree GPA and Current Program.
  8. Lastly, Select your Delivery Preference.
    • Mail it:
      • Send to my address: select from addresses you have provided to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
      • Send to another address: provide a new address you would like the enrollment verification to be mailed.
    • Pick it up:
      • Pick up in Husker Hub the following business day after 11am.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of students and their information. This law requires for educational institutions to follow specific guidelines in how they are to use and share a student’s information. Public directory information is available as public record, while all non-public directory information can only be shared directly with the student or those that the student has granted access.
What is considered public content?

Public Directory Information is information that can be shared with the public. This includes:

  • Student name
  • Year at the university
  • Dates of attendance
  • Academic college and major field of study
  • Enrollment status
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • Degrees, honors and awards received
  • Hometown
  • University email address

Non-Public Directory Information

  • Local address
  • Permanent address
  • Telephone listings
  • Grades or GPA
  • Social Security Number or partial Social Security Number
  • Student ID Number
  • Demographic information such as race, gender, country of citizenship or religion

For more information on FERPA policy please visit: ferpa.unl.edu/