Need to order your transcript?

Whether you're an alum or applying for grad school, you have access to what you need. There are three options when ordering your transcript:

  1. Order an electronic transcript through MyRed
  2. Order a printed transcript through MyRed*
    *There is no charge for printed Official Transcripts. However, they can be sent via FedEx. This must be requested on the Transcript Request Form.
  3. Order a transcript through our Transcript Request Form

Set up TrueYou credentials.

If you choose to order your transcript through MyRed, you will first need to set up your TrueYou credentials by using your designated NUID.

  1. Go to the TrueYou Identity Manager and follow the steps on the screen. For this, you'll will need access to your Social Security Number. 
  2. Log onto MyRed using your NUID, MyRed will only display the "Welcome" page. A process will run overnight that will assign the appropriate student access. 
  3. Once the process is complete, you can log into MyRed to view your records and order a transcript!

To order transcripts from other institutions, visit:
registrar office


800-742-8800 Ext. 2030