Husker Hub Study Abroad Workshops

The Husker Hub Study Abroad Workshop

Students should sign up for these workshops when they have committed to a program and received their official budget or cost of attendance from the Education Abroad Office. The workshop is only required for students to attend if they are planning to utilize scholarships and financial aid. If a student plans to pay for their program out of pocket, attendance is not required. Students will sign up for the workshop by completing the below e-form either individually, with the Education Abroad Office, or by contacting the Husker Hub. The currents dates, times, and locations of our workshops are listed in the e-form below.

Register for a Workshop

Workshop Presentation runtime is approximately 20-25 minutes. The presentation will go over scholarships and financial aid, disbursement, billing, and registration. Workshops are scheduled for an hour to give time for Q&A with a Student Services Specialist.